Dental and Medical Office Cleaning

Did you know that even after cleaning surfaces, they may appear clean but still contain dangerous microorganisms such as Clostridium difficile and enterococci? In most cases, such challenges are often experienced in health facility set-ups with janitorial cleaning services finding it challenging to eliminate these microbes.

This article focuses on the efforts of healthcare janitorial services providers to reduce pathogenic loads on healthcare facilities surfaces that can potentially cause healthcare-associated infections (HAI).

Managing healthy cleaning

That said, it is crucial for healthcare janitorial cleaning service providers to have the necessary expertise in ensuring hospital facilities are clean and free from infectious microbes.

The truth is that throughout the world, janitorial service providers understand that a surface might appear clean but still contain contaminant microbes.

For this reason, All The Nations have advanced their cleaning effectiveness by implementing new strategies such as using better technical knowledge and equipment when offering healthcare janitorial services.

dental and medical offices

For instance, the use of enhanced disinfection equipment such as microfiber equipment has proven to be effective in reducing pathogenic loads on surfaces that could potentially lead to healthcare-associated infections. Examples of these microfiber tools include floor mopping pads and wiping cloths that incorporate properties for capturing and seizing dust and pathogenic microbes to a greater extent.

That’s not all. The application of better technical knowledge is evident in the way healthcare-janitorial providers have embraced the procedure of regularly replacing used microfiber equipment with freshly laundered microfiber tools. The ultimate result is the reduction in the transmission of healthcare-associated infections due to limited cross-contamination.

Chemical disinfectants like sodium hypochlorite and quaternary ammonium compounds have also been an effective strategy in most healthcare set-ups. An additional potential strategy for managing healthcare cleanliness may include installing self-disinfecting surfaces like silver-coated or copper-coated surfaces that have anti-pathogenic properties.

Medical Office Cleaning

When cleaning environments like a doctor’s office, there are things that a commercial cleaning services should keep in mind. All medical facilities uses to deal with people’s health and well-being, you should not consider them “spray-and-wipe” environments. Your first focus regarding service should be to limit cross-contamination.

The next focus should be to properly estimate the time you’ll need to do so, especially because so much of the cleaning industry is time-sensitive. Our medical office cleaning service takes the time to do the things in the right way. We think that before cleaning for appearance, it’s important to clean for health. Bacteria and virus can exist in many places, especially in a medical facility.

Most medical office cleaning companies don’t take deep cleaning seriously, it is important to build in time for cleaners to allow for proper dwell time to eliminate bacteria, and to consider cost of materials required to do the job properly

Dental Office Cleaning

What’s more important than clean teeth? A clean working environment to get those teeth clean. Not every commercial cleaning company is a good fit for every business. All the Nation Group can match you with an experienced, flexible commercial cleaning staff that understands the unique needs of a dental office, oral surgery center, or orthodontist.

In the competitive dental and orthodontic sector, the appearance of your facility is important to attracting and retaining patients. Stop trying to work around other companies’ limited dental office cleaning options and start working with a company that understands your specific needs.

Your patients and staff might not mention the cleanliness of your facility but it definitely influences their perception of your practice. A clean dental office helps attract and retain patients and staff, saving you time, energy and money. Our dental office cleaning company is the safer bet.


In conclusion, we hope that this article has been helpful on matters concerning healthcare janitorial services and the reduction of healthcare-associated infections. That said, you can also be part of the fight against healthcare-associated infections by avoiding touching surfaces whenever you visit a healthcare facility.

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