Floor Cleaning Services

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Cleaning floors seems, at first glance, to be a simple task, when we do it daily in the dining room of a home, superficially. However, a deep, flawless cleaning, performed by cleaning professionals, requires a series of proper procedures to restore shine and make floors look new. The cleaning routine and the floors’ maintenance will depend upon the regular traffic that they receive.

You have to carefully plan the hours to be agreed upon to carry out the task. The surfaces to be cleaned can be very different: ceramic, tile, vinyl, wood, masonry, etc. Each one will receive a different final treatment, but the way of performing the procedure is quite similar.

Floor Cleaning: How we work?

    We place signs to warn whomever is circulating in the area that the floors are in the process of being cleaned. Generally they are wet, even slippery.

  2. DELIMIT THE CLEANING AREA: We put absorbent towels or cloths under the doors, in order to avoid wetting other areas that are not being washed. Leave the area to be cleaned as clear as possible, to facilitate our work. If the surface is very large, it will be divided by work sectors.

  3. DISPOSAL OF EXISTING PRODUCTS: The cleaner the floor, the better the final result will be. It is necessary to perform to a deep cleaning first. The surface may have wax or traces of another type of product that was previously used. To do this, we must apply a stripper, let it act for the necessary time, depending on the product used, and then we remove substances by polishing or scraping the surface. Once the old product has been loosened, we proceed to the elimination of the dirt, by means of a mechanical method, using a vacuum cleaner, or manually cleaning with scrub brushes and mops, depending on the quality and quantity of the remnants of existing products. Finally, a full access stripper is applied, in order to discard any residue that has been the product of the removal carried out in this step.

    NOTE: Special attention and treatment will be paid to the floor, in case of stains that have to be treated separately.

  4. FINAL CLEANING: Using a neutral cleaner, we proceed to remove all the product used in the previous steps, in order to leave the floors free of all chemical products.

  5. DRYING: With the help of fans, we speed up the drying of the completely clean surface. This is an essential step before we apply the appropriate wax.

  6. WAX: A clean floor alone is not enough, without a wax finish. Wax prevent tiles from being damaged and will prevent the accumulation of water on the surface from penetrating the joints, preventing them from loosening.
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