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You more than likely do your best to keep your personal office space clean and organized, and so do your colleagues.

But what if the rest of the office is not in its best shape? What can you do about dirty floors, not-so-clean bathrooms, a filthy kitchen area, and others, especially now that the Covid-19 pandemic is with us? How do you make it known to the office manager that in addition to being messy, your office environment could as well be unhealthy considering the nature of the covid-19 virus?

When such a situation arises, you will probably talk about it with your peers in the office, but that doesn’t take away the fact that the office manager probably isn’t aware of the issues that you are facing. As such, you have to take the initiative of making it known to the office boss that the office is not in a so good state, and that the state of affairs in your working space is costing your morale as well as that of the other employees.

That’s in consideration that it’s your office manager’s responsibility to handle the general operation of the office. As such, a good boss will, without a doubt, appreciate it when you communicate when things are not okay in the office, as long as you do it the right way. In that light, you will want to avoid approaching your office manager bluntly, but the reality is that the issue has to be addressed.

So, what are the main ways that you should use when communicating to the office manager?

After establishing that it’s necessary to let your office manager know about the state of the office, you will have to find the best way to communicate to ensure that the boss takes it positively.

Keep in mind that no two managers will handle communication in a similar manner. While one will appreciate the initiative that you took to alert them of a burning issue, another will feel like you are trying to make it seem like they are not attentive to their work.

As such, you ought to appreciate your manager’s personality and their general concerns to ensure that your good intentions are not interpreted in a bad way. Make it a priority to find a subtle way to address the manager, so that it won’t come out as if you are trying to open criticize them and blame them for the office cleanliness deterioration.

Here are the two main ways that will come in handy when making it known to the office boss that the office is not in good shape:

1. Write an email

A simple and respectable email is a good way to address a sensitive issue in the office, and it will more than likely yield the best results as long as you focus on proper communication. A good email should have a short, yet informative subject such as, “Office Cleanliness.”

Moving on to the body of the email, be sure to address the issue without beating around the bush. You want to keep the manager’s job of reading the email as easy as possible. That way, you won’t have ruined their mood with an unnecessarily long email, hence ruining your chances of successful communication.

Here’s a sample of how the body of your email should look like:

“I have noticed that our working space has been getting less clean recently, and this has been a major cause of worry among employees. I’m requesting that we consider hiring a professional janitorial and cleaning company that can restore and maintain a clean working environment that will encourage better health and working motivation among employees.

I understand that we will have to incur some costs after taking such a direction, but the cost of having unhealthy employees is likely higher. Besides, a clean office space will keep the employees motivated and focused on achieving their tasks, rather than using some of their time talking about the dirty state of the office.”

If there is a friendly rapport between you and the office manager, you can consider attaching some pictures or a video to make the situation clearer to the manager.

2. Arrange a meeting

If you don’t feel like writing an email would be the most effective way to address the issue that you are facing, then maybe meeting your boss should be. Make sure to use ways that will make it easier for the manager to accept your request.

Before meeting the office boss, plan out your proposal in full. It’s easier to convince the manager when your objectives are clear, and you understand the pros and cons in their entirety. One of the main concerns that your manager will almost obviously raise is the issue of cost.

You should respond to such a concern in a way that shows that you are not simply trying to be argumentative, but that you have the best intentions of the employees, and the company in general, in mind. Your confidence and timing will play a major role when it comes to determining the success of the meeting. You can’t just storm into the manager’s office and expect them to see your issue positively.

Before walking into the office manager’s office, keep the following benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service in mind, as they will make it easier for you to convince the manager:

Summing up

We can guarantee you that the tips and information shared in this article will make it easier to make the right impression on your office manager. You might not have it the easy way, but at the end of the day, your colleagues will appreciate your effort in batting for them, and you might be labeled a hero.

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